The Confederation.

Junior Enterprises Belgium is the Confederation of the Belgian Junior Enterprises. We raise awareness and strengthen the concept of Junior Enterprises in Belgium and offer support and assistance to students wishing to start the adventure.

Junior Enterprises
Junior Entrepreneurs
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Our Mission


We help the JEs to improve and gain in quality. An Audit of each structure is conducted each year, and trainings are given according to their needs.


We closely coach the newest structures, and we get in touch with like-minded organizations to expand our Network. We organize yearly events for the Junior Entrepreneurs to meet.


We stand for the interests of the Belgian network at the national and international level. We enhance the exposure of JEs inside the business world.

Our Sustainable Development Goals

Why this goal

The purpose: Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning. Education is the key that will make possible several of the SDGs: it breaks poverty, reduces inequalities, contributes to a peaceful society.

What we do

The JE concept is a skills and knowledge lab within the faculty that allows students to apply their theoretical knowledge in a business context.

Why this goal

The purpose: To promote incluse and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all. Employment is a major issue and youth unemployment affects most of the countries. It is key to provide youth with high quality training and education to fulfill the skills gap with the labour market needs.

What we do

JEs deliver high-quality projects to the market; they are a unique platform for delivering innovative ideas to support the growth of their clients.

Why this goal

The purpose: To revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development. The SDGs are a call for action all countries, institutions, organizations. We are all in this. Multistakeholders platforms will be an absolutely necessary instrument to achieve the 2030 Agenda.

What we do

Developing people, the JE concept challenge young students to go further and to think in them as future shapers and active citizens.

The Board

Kerim Demir
Kerim DemirPresident | Head of Partnerships, Enlargement and Awards
Ségolène Nève
Ségolène NèveVice-President | Head of Quality, HR and GAs
Andrea Rodondi
Andrea RodondiTreasurer | Head of Communication and Event
Arthur Leroux
Arthur LerouxInternational Manager | Head of Awareness
Laurent Michaelis
Laurent MichaelisHead of Legal Affairs and Knowledge Management
Elias Oumouadene
Elias OumouadeneHead of IT, Support and Projects

The Team

Charlotte Alen
Charlotte AlenEvent Manager
Alexandre Houtart
Alexandre HoutartEnlargement Manager
Romain Ducenne
Romain DucenneLegal Advisor
Marie Van Marcke
Marie Van MarckeLegal Advisor
Louis de Potter d'Indoye
Louis de Potter d'IndoyeExternal Relations Manager
Olivier Mont
Olivier MontExternal Relations Manager
Sophie Tavernier
Sophie TavernierQuality Manager
Christiane Nlandu
Christiane NlanduQuality Manager
Jacob Philipsen
Jacob PhilipsenQuality Manager
Adelaïde de Patoul
Adelaïde de PatoulCommunication Manager
John Sadiki
John SadikiCommunication Manager