The Junior Enterprises.

A Junior Enterprise (JE) is a non-profit organisation, created and managed exclusively by students of higher education, which provides consulting services to companies, institutions, and individuals.

Junior Enterprises are identical to real companies, with the main goal of enhancing the learning of their members through practical experience.

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Our Junior Enterprises are organized by their fields of activity. Click on their logo to visit their website.
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Academics for Companies2021-12-15T00:14:01+01:00
Brussels Law School Consultancy2020-12-04T14:12:03+01:00
Fucam Junior Consulting2020-04-06T13:33:37+02:00
HEC Liège Advisory2023-12-06T13:44:34+01:00
ICHEC Junior Consult2020-04-06T12:53:51+02:00
Junior Consulting2020-04-06T13:04:42+02:00
Solvay Consulting Club2023-01-07T22:14:31+01:00
Yep’tech Mons2024-04-21T12:10:46+02:00

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