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As the President of Junior Enterprises Belgium, you are the face of our network and its 500+ Junior Entrepreneurs. You lead a team of 15+ members, advise them on the decisions to make and oversee the general achievements of the confederation. At the national scale, you lead the Belgian General Assemblies, you have regular contact with the presidents of each JE and monitor the design and implementation of the network strategy.

We are looking for someone with a great sense of responsibility, passionate about the Junior Enterprise concept and ready to shape the future of our network. As you are also expected to speak at events, prospective Presidents should have great public speaking skills and have a good command of English.

As the Treasurer of JE Belgium, you are in charge of JE Belgium’s financial and accounting management. You oversee a budget of over 35.000€, participate in negotiations with private partners and for public grants. You will study the financial feasibility of our events and main costs as well, and develop internal tools to monitor our assets, while contributing to the financial stability of the Confederation.

We are looking for someone with basic knowledge of accounting and financial management, who organizes, plans ahead and makes wise choices.  

As the International Manager of JE Belgium, your job is to represent the Belgian Network and its interests at the European & Global General Assemblies. You will travel all over Europe to attend the 4 annual conferences, but also exchange, debate and build strong relationships with the representatives of the 11 other European Confederations.

We are looking for someone with an excellent command of English, sociable, with diplomatic, political and strategic skills, ready to be the voice of our Junior Entrepreneurs at the International level.

As an Executive Board Member, you will be in charge of one to a few departments (Quality, Enlargement, Events, External Relations, IT, Communication, Legal). Your job is to manage a small team (1-5 members), participate in the development of the Belgian network strategy, attend weekly board meetings and take key decisions for JE Belgium & its network.

We are looking for someone with good managerial skills, fluent in English and ready to go the extra mile, with a great sense of responsibility.


As the Communication Manager, you are in charge of the whole communication strategy of JE Belgium. You advertise our events, the progress of our JEs, the National Awards, etc. But more broadly, you contribute to the awareness of our network and communicate its achievement. You make appropriate use of different social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and you are not afraid to engage with our stakeholders.

We are looking for a passionate social media user, with great graphical skills and bright ideas to amaze our readers with the latest achievements of our network.


As External Relations Manager, your job is to raise awareness about the Junior Enterprises concept. You will represent JE Belgium at various events and networking cocktails, attend meetings with politicians, rectors and CEOs. You will maintain strong relationships with our current corporate partners, and try to build new ones with companies that don’t know us yet.

We are looking for an easy-going and sociable person, with great communication and negotiation skills.


As the Event Manager, you are in charge of organizing the three national events for our JEs: the Launching Event, the Winter Summit, and the National Meeting. You oversee the preparation of events that gather up to 200 people from all over Belgium. You will organize everything from the bag of goodies, to the organization of the catering, keynotes, and workshops. You will meet with the executives of the biggest Belgian companies to pitch about the professionalism and motivation of our 500+ members, and host events in their headquarters.

You are looking for someone with great organisation skills, detail-oriented and ready to offer to our Junior Entrepreneurs the best experience.


As the IT Manager, you are in charge of the multiple tech aspects of the Confederation. You are comfortable with the terminal to access our server, and you are not afraid to read technical documentation. The server hosts our websites and our Slack bot. You are also responsible for maintaining various Python scripts that help with our day-to-day life, such as a tool that automatically updates our mail signatures, or another one that generates the name tags for our events. Furthermore, you are in charge of all our IT tools: the Google Suite, Slack, Airtable, Notion, and WordPress.

We are looking for a curious mind who has strong abilities in computer science, able to maintain our infrastructure, and to develop new internal tools.


As the Enlargement Manager, you are in charge of developing our Network. You are the single point of contact of Junior Initiatives, or new structures that show an interest in joining the network. You answer their questions, assess their progress on a regular basis, and help them to achieve the Junior Enterprise status. You also prospect new campuses to look for motivated students keen to start the Junior Enterprise adventure.

We are looking for someone who speaks fluently in French, Dutch and English, with good analytical skills ready to guide and inspire new structures in the right direction.


As the Legal Advisor, you help JEs with their legal issues, and help them benefit from your passion of the law. You learn about the creation and obligations of non-profits: writing statutes, complying with the GDPR, holding a General Assembly, filing the accounts, complying with the UBO register… Furthermore, you help the JEs to find their way around the government legal platforms. You also maintain, update, and extend the existing legal guides that JE Belgium provides. You will finally undertake substantial projects, such as the creation, update, and extend of legal guides, or the “Junior Enterprise” trademark.

We are looking for someone with a legal background, not afraid to undertake a legal project and ready to advise, help and guide Junior Entrepreneurs with basic legal questions.


As a Quality Manager, you are in charge of the Network Quality System (NQS) of the Belgian Confederation. You will contribute to the continuous improvement of the NQS process, meet with the JEs to perform audits and debrief with them to help them reach their next goals. You will learn a lot about the internal processes of each JE, meet them often to assess their progress and understand them like no one does. During the Pre-Audit and Audit, you lead your team and you oversee the writing of the reports. At the end of the year, you are part of the team who delivers the Quality Label to the best performing JEs.

We are looking for someone detail-oriented, with good writing skills, who can listen and quickly understand the workflow of a structure, and spot the areas of improvement of our JEs.



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Junior Enterprises Belgium is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce, and encourages all candidates, irrespective of gender, nationality, religious and ethnic backgrounds, including persons living with disabilities, to apply to become a part of the organization.